Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ad Submission

We Need

Your contact information so we can pin down your content, or clarify anything we'll need to get you through the ad proof, quote, booking and approval process. Typically we use email to send proofs back and forth and get revisions done right. If you do not have an email we will need to you either approve your content by coming into the office, approving blind, or providing an alternate way to send your ad proof to you.

Colour Options

We do not have spot colour fees; instead we discount our full colour fees! For 50% 75% of the cost of your ad you can upgrade your Display or Employment ads to have colour! This comes with a FREE placement upgrade to our prime colour locations throughout the paper (Front, center and back pages!)

Boxed Display

In our printed paper, from 1 to 6 columns by up to 15.75 inches.

Included in our typical Display ads are a online Medium Box ad. You can opt in for upgrades to your online ads (Top of the Stack placement fees, top of the page banner ads require you to specify when placing your ad your preference of location on the site. Large Box (sidebar, 300px x 500px) come with a FREE placement upgrade to the top of the stack and give you a little more room to communicate.


Flesh out the section.

Service Directory

Flesh out the section.

Memories & Celebrations

Our Memories & Celebrations section comes with free colour; a service we are proud to provide to our community members who submit the milestones of their lives.

Ads in this section are featured in our Memories & Celebrations section, second last page of the edition, every week in print and online.

This service is provided for a range of personal special events such as:

  • Births
  • Birthdays
  • Thank Yous
  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Deaths
  • In Memoriams
If you're not sure your event qualifies for this section; please ask our advertising department and we can guide you through the process.


All of our print ads are paired with an online advertisement!

Depending on the section you place your ad in our printed paper; your ad will be placed differently on our website.

Placement Fees

For a percentage surcharge on your base ad cost you can pick from our higher visibility locations throughout the paper. First come first serve; once a space is booked it's yours to keep! If you're interested in a space that is already occupied; we will advise you on the next best available option.


We work within your budget! It is not unusual for ads to go in as they are provided, however if your budget constraints do not suit the original content provided our experienced staff can help you fine tune the details to suit the space and make sure your ad gets the attention it deserves.

Frequency Discounts

Booking for multiple weeks with the same content gets you big savings. For re-running an advertisement (without changes), the second week of your run will get a 5% discount and the third week and on will get a 10% discount.

Charity & Not For Profit Discounts

We are proud to support not for profit organisations and charities who have an account with us with a 2% and 10% discount. If you are uncertain if you qualify for these discounts contact our advertising department and we can confirm. Please have your Charity Number and Not for Profit numbers handy.

Contract Discounts

We have a customer appreciation program to work with clients who are willing to commit to a contract. Bundling your advertising together for a cohesive campaign can save you big bucks. For more details, contact our advertising department.
Ad Type
Colour/Black & White