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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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Doug Bernardi
2019-07-29 16:48:38

Yes you are so right Cousins Greg & June!
They were great folks all of them!
Let me leave you with my story of having a supper at Nona Scolastica’s. She made a wonderful meal as always and when it came to dessert she had a bunch of pies as there were lots of family there!
Apple,blueberry,lemon,pumpkin- you get the idea so when I asked for cherry it brought a roar of laughter from everyone! I was always referred to as the cherry pie desert guy after that!
They all installed hard working ethics and honesty deep into our characters!

Our Nono Henry and Nona Josie were simply amazing grandparents as we lived there most summers till we ended up moving to Sioux Lookout!

I recognize all the names in the article and can still put faces to them - great memories indeed!

So proud to say they are our family members !

Doug Bernardi

June Ariano-Jakes
2019-07-28 13:09:14

Thank you for printing the wonderful story of our great-grandfather - Beez Nono - Carlo Ariano. Although just a child I have a vivid memory of him sitting in his home on York Street with Beez Nona, Scolastica. Our grandfather Henry Ariano , his son was a wonderful kind and generous man deeply loved. And our Dad Ernest Charles Ariano dearly loved and missed every day. Every member of the Ariano Family became very hardworking people across the board and that is a testament to our elders beginning with Carlo. It is wonderful that you are publishing stories of those who really were instrumental in helping established our community and who were were the backbone of a community with so much incredible history.
Although I left Sioux Lookout 32 years ago - I have found that you "never actually leave Sioux Lookout". You may change locations, but Sioux Lookout is forever in your heart. Thank you again for sharing some of the Ariano Family history. Reading it has truly touched my heart. June Ariano-Jakes, South Surrey, B.C.

greg ariano
2019-07-27 22:58:39

hello,,, my name is greg ariano,,,, my great grand father was carlo,,, my father ernest ariano
I was born in 1957 so do not remember carlo but do remember Scholastica (old nona)
what a great story you have told,,,,, so good ,,, thankyou