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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

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Elaine Stefanick
2021-02-18 13:21:48

Dr. Dermot McLoughlin, was a definite hero, mentor, gentleman extraordinaire, humble, loving, faithful, dedicated man of excellence & knowledge.
In my experience working in the Sioux Lookout Zone as an outpost nurse I relied on his radiology interpretations almost daily. I looked forward to chatting with him on the telephone as he was almost the one and only doctor who would greet you with a very soft voice and a non judgemental manner and with his enthusiasm he would walk you through the diagnosis, treatment plan and education of relavence.
I spent two weeks in Hamilton doing a course through Mohawk College on radiology and Dr. McLoughlin was my instructor. He not only taught the group how to do xrays but he did in with such an encouraging manner. He provided us with so much positive feedback, we were honoured to have him as not only our instructor but as our friend.
In closing, I must comment that I am saddened to say farewell to such a "one in a million" man. Soar with the great eagle Dermot. RIP

Elaine Stefanick
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan